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Akniste Local History Museum and "House of Selonians"

AknisteLocal History Museumis located in the intersection of streets Skolas and Miera. It exists since year 1998 and initially was the Local History Museum of the Secondary school of Akniste. Collections of museum are formed of 1868 units that stores rich information about the district of Selonia and its people – witnesses of the period.

Vast exposition materials of the museum are using not only school children and teachers for the purposes of acquiring the material, but also students and teaching staff of the universities for independent studies, reports and tractates. In year 2003 in the competition that was organized in Latvia museum ranked amongst best museums of the state.

Museum organises excursions, exhibitions, events for a vast number of visitors from Latvia, as well as guests from foreign countries.

Also programs about various themes developed by tutors and practitioners are available in the museum. Museum offers the following educational programs: Memory stories (about remarkable men from the same district), A moment in eternity (about the first Latvian photographer M. Buclers), Craftsman workshops: ancient and traditional (weaving, knitting, macramé, “knipelēšana” - special way of making laces, crochet, carving), contemporary non-traditional (ornaments and decorations from the natural materials, installations from the stone, glass, metal etc.), Road of bread (bread in folk songs and beliefs, bread oven, bread recipes, raising of dough and baking), I sung through life (the common in the music of Selonians and Lithuanians, singing together with the Lithuanian folk ensemble "Aušrele"), Electronic forms of the storing of evidences of history. 

In the yard of the Selonians visitors can participate in the bread baking process in real bread oven of Selonia: form bread loaf, enjoy the self-baked bread and herbal tea.

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