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Aluksne Evangelic Lutheran church

Aluksne Evangelic Lutheran church was built based on the initiative by the owner of Aluksne Manor Otto Hermann von Vietinghoff.

The tower of the church is 55,5 metres high.  In 1786 a cock was seated on the top of the tower also used by the locals as a weather forecaster.  The wide oak-tree stairs leading up the tower are unlike any other stairs in a church, it is possible that they were built due to the picturesque landscape - so that the baron could show his guests the beautiful surroundings.

In 1885 a 24-register organ was built under the management of A.

Martins, who was the manager of the biggest organ workshop in Riga (from 1934 – 1935 and 2000 - 2006 the organ was renovated).

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