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Andrejs Pumpurs Lielvārde Museum

Andrejs Pumpurs Lielvārde Museum is situated in the ancient barn of the manor house at the banks of Daugava already since its opening in 1970. In the Andrejs Pumpurs Lielvārde Museum you can not only gather information about the Latvian national hero Lāčplēsis, author of the epos Andrejs Pumpurs, Lielvārde and belt of Lielvārde.

But also for a moment become Lāčplēsis, Laimdota, Andrejs Pumpurs yourself, tie around yourself the belt of Lielvārde, and, of course, fight a fatal battle between Lāčplēsis and Dark Knight! Materials about the poet Andrejs Pumpurs (1841 – 1902) have been gathered and collected in the museum, as well as about the epic poem "Lāčplēsis", Latvian culture and history. Andrejs Pumpurs was born in September 22, 1841. Every year museum festivities are celebrated in Lielvārde in September 22.

Next to the museum a park of Lielvārde with the bed of Lāčplēsis, log of Spīdala, Lielvārde Evangelical Lutheran church, wooden sculptures and castle ruins from the 13th century Livonian Holy Order is located. Museum offers excursions through Lielvārde and Birzgale, changeable decorations, celebrations of family holidays, special program for the newly weds on their wedding day.

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