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Apšu Church at Lode

The Apšu Church at Lode was built in 1780 and its construction methods remind of those used in any Vidzeme Latvian peasants' house. In 1893, master cabinet maker A. Laumanis crafted new furnishings for the church - an altar, a pulpit and the organ front. Jēkabpils organ maker Mārtiņš Krēsliņš installed the organ in the church in 1890. In 1895, F.U.Lazdiņš gave as gift the bell which cast in Germany.

Next to the church there once was a bell holder where the bell was hung. In 1910-1911 a belfry was added to the building. At the beginning of the 1930’s the church’s straw roof was replaced with a shingle roof. The latest redecoration in the church was carried out around 1960. The Lode Apšu Church has the status of an architectural monument of national significance; some episodes of the Latvian feature film "Aija" were shot here.

Vecpiebalga district, Taurene parish
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