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Āraiši Archaeological Museum Park

Āraiši Museum Park is a cultural historical monument situated in the Cēsis region. It consists of reconstructed buildings from the Stone and Bronze Ages, ancient Latgalians settlements from the 9th-11th centuries, as well as castle ruins from the Livonian period. Āraiši Lake Castle is presently the most extensively studied site of this kind in the whole of northeast Europe.

The Archaeological Museum Park consists of 9th-11th century Latgalians fortified dwelling places, medieval castle ruins, and Meitu Island with the reconstructed Stone and Bronze Age dwelling houses, covering an area of 12 ha on the shores of Āraiši Lake. Āraiši Archaeological Museum Park stands out among other similar museums in Europe with its unique archaeological findings, the placement of the reconstructed objects on the original site, and the well-preserved cultural historical landscape in Vidzeme.

More than 20 small wooden houses on an island in the Āraiši Lake can be visited, as well as a number of other cultural historical monuments, including a Dutch style windmill. The Dutch style windmill was built from a wall of boulders, covered with mortar; its diameter at the foundation is 11 m and 6 m at the top. The building is 12 metres high. The windmill was used up until the beginning of World War I.

The windmill was restored in the 1980s. Visitors can inspect the restored machinery of the windmill and observe the production of grain. Various events are held in the territory of the museum.

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