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Bangu Pond

Fishing not far from Lejnieki, the Museum in honour of the writer Plūdonis. The Bangu Pond offers a good catch of carp, tench, roach, perch, pike, and bream.

The Bangu Pond was created by damming a small river, and it stretches for a kilometer almost to the Mēmele River. Although the pond is just over four hectares in size, its banks can comfortably accommodate several dozen fishermen. It’s the “early-birds” who catch not only the worm and can set themselves up comfortably on special little footbridges; the places are not numbered and no advance booking is required.

For all that, also others coveting the carp may find their nook by the pond.

Not all the carp released into the pond during the season are caught: the remaining ones grow, and get bigger year by year.

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