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Bauska Brewery

The "Bauskas Alus" brewery was founded in 1981. The plant was originally part of a company jointly owned by collective farms, and produced traditional varieties of beer – Marta alus, Rīgas alus, and Senču alus.

In 1982, the company launched production of light and stout Bauska beers. Since the very origins of the plant, the brewers have been faithfully putting to use the classical beer-making methods by which the brewery has earned its reputation on the shop shelves and in the hearts of its consumers.

Still working in the company is Latvia's oldest and most experienced brewer Kārlis Zālītis awarded for his work with the Order of the Three Stars, Fifth Class.

The company is famous not only for its beer but also for its non-alcoholic malt drinks "Veselība" and "Porteris".

Those drinks are produced following Kārlis Zālītis' original recipe and technology from 1961, a base for a drink that enjoys invariable popularity and, what's important, a very healthy drink to that. The company takes pride in its products that are free of preservatives. 

Bauskas Alus brewery is modernising its production and making all effort to enhance quality so that its consumers could receive highest quality produce.

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