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"Belinda" Amber Museum (Amber Room)

"Belinda" is one of the oldest and largest companies in Latvia’s amber market. The company has more than ten years experience in selling amber and manufacturing amber jewellery. Not only has the company reached a high level of product quality and service, it has also developed its own style in amber design.

Over the last five years, the company has also been working outside Latvia, attracting customers from Europe, the USA and Russia.

Jewellery design combines amber with other materials – silver, gold, pearls, corals, crystal and gemstones. There is certainly also classic jewellery of pure amber. New techniques for processing amber, for instance, heating and polishing, have yielded new and interesting results.

Apart from jewellery items, the company also manufactures interior design articles with elements of amber.

Those vary from smaller objects, for example, lamps, clocks, furniture details, finishing materials like wall and floor tiles of amber, amber windows and amber sculptures. Amber elements in decoration not only add to the artistic qualities of the interior but also create a warm and peaceful atmosphere. In the Amber Museum you can find inspirational interior decoration ideas.

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