Benjamiņš' Residence

Built in 1939, by architect Ļ.Vitlins. The summer house of E. Benjamiņš – the renowned publisher and socialite of Latvia’s first independence period – is one of the most impressive buildings in Jūrmala. The panelling of natural stone plates highlights the elegance of the building; World War II has left its footprints here - indelible patches of darker colour which were a requirement of air defence regulations.

  • Benjamiņa māja

The interior of the house has been well-preserved, since almost 50 years after the war the Benjamiņš’ residence served as a guest house for authorities of the Soviet Union. Today the building houses art works from the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century. The fence along Jūras Street is one of the most splendid fences in Jūrmala, designed by architect S. Antonovs.

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Last updated: 02.09.2014