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Biksēre manor and park

Biksēre manor, also previously known as Libe manor, can be found near the marvellous Libe River, enclosed by old lindens and oaks.

Today masters’ house (the main building) with an unusual architectonic object – a Neo-Gothic turret – hosts Sarkaņi Parish Council. Manor buildings have been preserved as at the time of baron Magnus. Baron Eberhard von Magnus was described as a very cruel man. Maybe that is the reason why “Gate of Wailing” and “Death Valley” can be found in the manor’s park. A stone whipping post where peasants were whipped has been preserved just across from the manor.

Holes for ropes to tie the peasants to be punished can still be seen.

At the end of the 80s, three wood-carving symposiums took place in the area of the manor. During symposiums artists created 26 sculptures that were presented to the Parish, thus giving new features to the old manor buildings and surrounding area. Sculptures have been displayed along the new path, called Biksēre path. The park occupying an area of 4.7 ha is a home for a secular oak, hundred-year old lindens and different foreign trees. An antiques museum has been established in the barn of the manor.

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