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Biological Farm "Ragāres"

The owner has laid out her garden high up on the bank of the river Daugava. The garden boasts over a hundred of species and varieties of plants – decorative plants, herbs, medicinal plants, as well as traditional plants from a Latvian farmstead. Latvia's largest plantings of Actinidia kolomikta (variegated kiwi vine) are also to be found here.

"Ragāres" has one hectar of orchard with apple trees, pears, plums as well as a number of exotic fruit trees such as buckthorn, guelder rose, elder, kiwi vine, schisandra, and others.

The second largest field of endeavour is the growing of herbs and medicinal teas. The farm grows celery, parsley and leek, and for a herbal mix - dill, lovage, oregano, tarragon, hyssop, and sage. The greenhouses allow for basil and coriander.

The farm uses 10 different components to produce its mixes of dried herbs, as well as a number of various tea mixes, for instance, women's tea, kidney tea, vitamin tea with Echinacea, and others. The herbs are collected from the meadows or cultivated. The farm's entire produce is ecological.

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56.62569, 25.085907
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Skrīveri district, Skrīveru pagasts, "Ragāres", LV-5125
+371 29229588
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