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Bulduri Lutheran Church

It was built in 1889 by architect H. Hilbigs. Earlier it had been known as “Waldkapelle” (Forest Chapel) and was built to provide service to all German holidaymakers. After World War Two an archive of cinema, photo and audio records was arranged in the church, radically changing the interior. In 1998 restoration work began on the building and now services take place there every Sunday.

The attraction of people to the church was also wavy like the sea. With high and falling tides alternating. Following the People’s Atmoda (Awakening), people slowly started turning to the Bulduri parish.  Slowly, step by step, the church and the people started to become aware of their significance in the sacral and cultural life of Jūrmala.

With arrangement of the church premises, the sphere of activities of the parish members will also become broader, particularly in regards to expansion of youth activities (a perspective plan of organising a youth ensemble, a choir, as well as awareness and solution of the problem of social exclusion).

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Access for disabled people
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