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Burtnieki Manor Ensemble and Park

The Burtnieki Manor ensemble has spread out in the place where the legendary Livonian Order castle of Burtnieki proudly stood in the 13th century.

The manorial ensemble includes a late 18th cent. granary with an arcade along the front of the building, two dwelling houses for servants, built in the 19th cent., and two others, put up in the late 19th cent., two residential buildings with gates dating back to the first half of the 19th cent., the steward's house with a Baroque mezzanine, built at the turn of the 18th-19th cent., late 18th cent.

coach-house and stables, and a late 19th cent. pavillion, as well as the park and the 14th cent. castle ruins.

The Burtnieki Manor Park is one of the best maintained rural estate parks in Latvia and is home to more than 70 species of trees and shrubs. The park, laid out in the mid-19th cent. by the last owner of the estate Wilhelm von Schroeder, still retains some features of its former splendour - a staircase of solid granite slabs, a fountain and other elements.

The manor building is now a private property and can only be viewed from the outside but the visitors can take a stroll in the lovely park. The Vīsrags Path leads right from the gates, telling the story of the manor and the park.


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Burtnieki district, Burtnieki parish, Burtnieki, J. Vintēna iela 1, LV-4206
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