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Burtnieki Manor Park

Burtnieki Manor ensemble and park was established on the spot where the legendary Medieval castle of Burtnieki once stood.

Around the 14th century, on the banks of Lake Burtnieki, the Burtnieki Medieval Castle stood. Over the centuries, the area became more inhabited and a manor complex was constructed. In the 19th century, Burtnieki Manor Park was created around the manor building, which was transformed into something especially magnificent by the last owner of the estate - Wilhelm von Schroeder.

At the moment, the Burtnieki Park veranda is private property and can only be viewed from afar. The Visrags Nature Trail begins from the park’s gate, which tells the history of the manor and park, as well as the surrounding area.

Tree and shrub species

At one time, the park had the status of a dendrology park. At the moment, Burtnieki Manor Park is a protected area of national importance, home to a wide variety of interesting tree and shrub species. The park features a range of local and foreign tree species, like, for example, paper birch, Pennsylvania ash, gray walnut, Siberian fir and many others.

Take a walk through the park

The park’s gardens are meticulously planned; the paths and flower beds are in harmony with the shrub and tree groups. Even the old Burtnieki Castle defensive moats, which have been transformed into a pond with islands, blend in splendidly with the park’s scenery. One part of the gardens is made up of terraces, granite steps and a water fountain, but behind the pond are rows of oak and linden trees. It is also possible to see fragments of the old castle ruins in the park, where an approximately 70-meter long stone wall of the old castle still stands. The park also features and open-air stage and two linden-tree lanes with imaginative names – Lane of Love and Lane of Sighs.

Weddings at Burtnieki Manor Park

Newlyweds frequently visit Burtnieki Manor Park on their wedding day. It is possible to organize a romantic guided walk through the park, where the newlyweds and guests will participate in various activities and complete several tasks.

Burtnieki district, Burtnieki, Jāņa Vintēna iela 1, LV-4206
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