Cape Kolka – The Meeting Place of Two Seas

Cape Kolka is a meeting place created by nature. Seas and people meet here. Man with nature, sunrise with sunset. The meeting of public and private capital has been used to bring Cape Kolka in good order, make it well-equipped and well-cared for both in the summer and winter months.

  • Kolkasrags
  • Photo: Romvalds Salcevičš
  • Kolkasrags
  • Photo: Peo Jonsson
  • Kolkasrags
  • Photo: Madars Mileiko
  • Laimes māja
  • Kolkasrags
  • Photo: Jānis Mednis
  • Kolkasrags
  • Kolkasrags
  • Photo: Artūrs Dombrovskis

This is a dangerous place for sailing, the lighthouse, (1884) built on an artificial island beyond the 6 metre long shoal, warns about this. In spring this is an ideal site to watch migratory birds, while in summer it is a paradise for swimmers and surfers. Kolka village is proud of the smell of smoked fish, birds’ songs, and the monuments of cultural history.

The ancient Liv fishermen’s villages Mazirbe, Košrags, and Kolka are found in the vicinity. The Livonians, or the Livs, are a small Baltic Finno-Ugric nation living farther to the west, its future existence is under threat.

The small fishermen’s villages on the Kurzeme seashore welcome visitors with wharfs, net sheds, the old wooden architecture of fishing villages (starting with the 18th c.), and exhibitions of antiquities, as well as an extensive offer of countryside tourist accommodation.

57.759022, 22.604755
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    • Russian
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Amenities and Features: 
  • Access for disabled people
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  • Smoker-friendly
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Last updated: 01.09.2014