Ceramic workshop of Uģis Dainis

The workshop of ceramic artist Uģis Dainis is located in Sāti village, opposite the "Bridge to Nowhere". Inside the "Upmalnieki" house the ceramist has built a wood-fired kiln for burning ceramic artifacts.

  • Uģa Daiņa keramika

Daily exhibits and sale of beautiful practical handicraft for both rural and urban households – bowls, plates, mugs, jugs, pots and vases – as well as decorative and functional objects made of chamotte.

Visitors will have an opportunity to try their hand at the potter’s wheel and to experiment with clay. Uģis Dainis also designs and builds fireplaces from ceramic, wood, stone and other materials.

Please book your visit by phone +371 29256833

56.910503, 22.979279
  • Address: 
    Tukums district, Irlava parish , Sāti, Upmalnieki, LV-3137
  • Mobile: 
    +371 29256833; +371 26440226
  • Languages spoken: 
    • Latvian
    • Russian
  • Admission fee: 
  • Payment methods: 
    • Bank transfer
    • Cash
  • Creative workshops
  • Souvenirs
  • Themed events
Amenities and Features: 
  • Access for disabled people
  • Free parking
  • Smoker-friendly
  • WC
Last updated: 02.09.2014