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Cesis Castle Park

Cesis Castle Manor owner count Carl Gustav von Zievers established Castle Park and it is deservedly considered one of the most outstanding and most original landscape parks of 19th century in Latvia.

Castle Park is built around the 1832; the landscape includes the medieval castle ruins and the impressive ancient Riekstu castle- hill silhouette. Streams and springs, hilly terrain with sandstone outcrops are all adding to the Romanticism inherent bridges and pavilions.

Castle Park creators once gave a specific place names for castle park objects. Carl Hill near the pond in the honor of the castle park creator Count Carl Gustav von Zievers. In 1908th his son Emanuel Zievers placed bronze bust podium of Count Carl Gustaf von Zievers (currently under reconstruction).

Castle Park also has Minadora Hill, Charlotte Island, and Emmanuel terrace. They are all Count Carl Gustaf von Zievers closest family member names.

To the present day Castle Park has preserved its original solution. In 1936th stairs were built as a passage to the pond (J. Rosenberg’s project). They are complemented by sculptor’s R. Aboltins travertine sculptures - figures of children at the stair edges, crawfish - a fountain with a stream cascade, images of fishermen near the water.In 1960-ies, open-air bandstand and audience area was built and on the lower part of the park - travertine staircase. Also, in 1960-ies existing stone stacking in shape of pyramid fountain was replaced by sculptor Andrew Janson’s sculpture "Man with a catfish."

Castle Park is a favorite resting place for Cesis citizens and guests; it is recognizable by its unique and romantic landscape, opera performances, art and diverse cultural events.

Torņa iela, Cēsis, LV-4101
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