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Children's science center Z(in)oo

We are children’s science center Z(in)oo. Our goal is to unleash the curiosity.


Z(in)oo offers interactive displays,  so that visitors can try different technologies and examine the laws of nature themselves: to study math by jumping, to get the taste of gravitation in a swing, to understand the friction by driving in special kartings, to see the sound, optical illusions, to construct gear-boxes, to understand how catapult works, to construct and operate robots, to see lightning, to move objects with the power of your mind, to sit on nails, and more and more.

All together over 50 interactive exhibits.

Only Z(in)oo offers interactive exhibition “The Genius of Leonardo da Vinci”, where it is possible to touch and try the most celebrated inventions of the medieval genius.

The little visitors of the museum have an opportunity to play with VARIS and LEGO construction toys. And the toddlers along with their parents can play with educational toys.


We believe that everyone has a unique potential. We want to help to discover it by encouraging person’s natural curiosity about oneself, about the surrounding world and technologies. We are confident that an exciting process of discovery is the beginning of long-term personal growth.


  • In working days with prior notification
  • On Saturdays 10.00-17.00 without prior notification
  • Expected time of the tour: 2-4 hours
Tourism Object Services: 
Guide service available
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Free parking
WiFi Internet
Access for disabled people
57.314934, 25.289476
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