Ciecere Lake

Ciecere Lake is 7.2 m - 22 m deep. Earlier, the lake was considered to be much deeper – 50 m. However, the measurements taken in 2000 showed that its maximum depth is 22 m. CiecereLakeis fed by springs – Dūņupe, Mazupe and some other brooklets that flow into it.

  • Cieceres ezers
  • Photo: Kuldīgas TIC
  • Cieceres ezers
  • Photo: Kuldīgas TIC
  • Aktīvā atpūta
  • Photo: Kuldīgas TIC
  • Aktīvā atpūta ezerā
  • Photo: Kuldīgas TIC

Ciecere Lake and its surrounding area is one of the most beautiful places in the Saldus District. It is located in the Saldus upland area, about 3 km to the east from Saldus, and its waters surround the CiecereLakeIsland, which is a protected area.

Ozolu Island of CiecereLake is a botanical reserve that has been a state protected natural reservation since 1923. Its highest part is mainly covered by lime-tree woods and old oak forests, where 12 old oaks grow with perimeters of 4 m to 6.2 m.

There are lime, aspen, fir and birch groves on the island, and young ash forests in the lowest places of the island, as well as many bird-cherries, honeysuckles and rowans as the undergrowth. The lake is often used by sailing sport enthusiasts and several popular recreation centres are set up on its shores.

The lake is 9.5 km long and its widest place reaches 0.7 km.

56.655472, 22.559395
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  • Free parking
  • Smoker-friendly
  • WC
Last updated: 01.09.2014