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Ciecere nature trail in Saldus

Nature and walk trail wends its way along the Ciecere River, from Kuldīga Street bridge to children playground. Due to the small area near the river and low territory the trail has been built in a form of footbridge, which can also be used when wheeling a baby pram or pushing a wheelchair.

The trail is enclosed by railings, no stairs and steep rises/falls. Moreover, this is the only nature trail built in the central part of the District centre and aimed at studying and telling about nature elements in the city environment, for instance, such a common species of plants as a ground-elder.

Educational stands have been placed along the Ciecere nature trail. The trail is used as a walk trail not only by visitors of the city but also by local residents going for daily walks.

Recreational area has also been created.

Information stand about plants growing on the river coast has been placed at the trail. Construction of the nature trail has been supported by the Environmental Protection Fund and City Council. The trail is 370 m long.

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