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The Club of Rainis - Selpils local history museum

In the 1920s-1930s this building belonged to the agricultural society "Sakne", but on September 10th, 1922 a progressive cultural society was founded here – the Club of Rainis, the opening of which was celebrated on October 15th, in the premises of the agricultural society "Saknes".20. - 30. .

The museum of the club of Rainis is located in the territory of the former Vecselpils Manor - in the barn to be more precise, as this is the only building still remaining.The name of Rainis was given to the club due to the fact that similar societies had already been founded elsewhere in Latvia.Extensive cultural work was performed in this building up until 1976, when a new culture centre was built in Selija.

The museum was established in 1982 and it reveals the history o0f Selpils parish through various documents, old photographs and other materials.After renovation museum was reopened in 2007.The museum of the Club of Rainis offers exposition of the museum, exhibitions, premises for various cultural events, banquets, seminars and camps, as well as private events.

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