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Culture Palace "Ziemeļblāzma"

There is an architectural landmark situated in a five-hectare large park in the northern suburb of Vecmīlgrāvis, just five minutes from Riga centre by car - "Ziemeļblāzma" Culture Palace.

"Ziemeļblāzma" was built in 1913 by lumber magnate and patron of the arts Augusts Dombrovskis with the objective being for local residents to enjoy a full social and cultural life. In those days, the centre (called "pils" in Latvian (Eng: "palace")) was one of  the most significant arts and education facilities in all of Latvia.

Now, finally, the 100-year-old edifice has been entirely restored, bringing back its historic worth and architectural beauty.

"Ziemeļblāzma", as the sole such centre in the vicinity, has major socioeconomic and societal integration importance, as it is home to a number of local amateur collectives – theatre studios, choirs, dance troupes and fine art classes.

The culture centre regularly features plays, operettas, concerts and art shows, with its adjoining park also utilised as a venue for events.

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