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Daugavpils Synagogue and the Museum "Jews in Daugavpils and Latgale" (Ebreji Daugavpilī un Latgalē)

The present Daugavpils Synagogue Kadish was built in 1850 and is located at 38 Cietokšņa Street. It is a corner building of the block in the central part of the city and the facades face Lāčplēša and Cietokšņa Streets.

Daugavpils Synagogue accommodates the Museum "Jews in Daugavpils and Latgale" (Ebreji Daugavpilī un Latgalē). The exhibition of the museum informs about the life and everyday traditions of Jews in Latgale and Daugavpils since 1935. The exhibition displays the information about the changes in the number of Jews, kindred relations in photos, household and cult objects and different publications, i.e., magazines, calendars and books about the life of Jews in Daugavpils and Latgale.

With guidance of the local tourist guide and regional history student Josifs Ročko each guest of the Daugavpils City and an interested person may visit the synagogue and see the exhibition with learning interesting and moving stories about the local Jewish families, historic aspects of the life of Jews, praying traditions, significance of altar at the synagogue, etc. The entry to exhibition and synagogue is for donations and with previous applying by calling the indicated telephone number or contacting by e-mail.

55.870411, 26.520845
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