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Deer garden "Saulstari" - Safari park More

Safari park More is a garden of wild animals where fallow-deer and Europe stag (white and red deer) are being bred in the territory of 170 ha, in total ~300 animals. This is also a home for 16 wild boars. Park has become a popular sight of attraction amongst different groups and individual visitors that are returning again and again to see us.

Park territory is divided into 14 bigger and smaller paddocks. Six of them are included in the route prepared for the visitors of the park. You can be sure that deer not only will come close to you but also will be glad to grab some treats from your hands if you will have them with you. Besides you can come to visit them during both - summer and winter because deer are not the one particularly complaining about cold weather.

Additionally to tourism farm is also engaged in the selection of Europe stag and fallow-deer, selling of deer babies to other gardens of wild animals in Latvia and abroad. Farm is a member of the society “Wild animal’s breeder association” and is a farm of the breeding of Europe stags in Latvia.

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Activities for children
Guide service available
Slow food
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Free parking
WiFi Internet
Informācijas punkts
Access for disabled people
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