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The Dumpis pottery workshop

Here one can learn about pottery making and visit the workshop. It’s also possible to try one’s hand at controlling a lump of clay on the throwing wheel. A collection of ancient household and artisans’ objects is also on display, and ceramic objects are also on sale.

The potters Baiba and Einars Dumpis live and work in the "Brivnieki" homestead, located in  Mētriena Parish of the Madona region. In addition to their work in traditional Vidzeme pottery, they are also attempting to research pottery processes of former times.
Ceramic objects created in the past ten years are on display. These items have been produced both in their own "Brīvnieki" workshop, as well as in cooperation with the "Former times workshop" society.

The Dumpis family are active members. The production and firing of ceramics and its utilisation is demonstrated in events featuring historical re-creation.
Neolithic pottery processes are studied in connection with the production of neolithic-style pottery for the needs of the National History Museum of Latvia, and for the project "Experimental food preparation" using re-constructions of clay dishes of the neolithic period. The archeologist Valdis Bērziņš is a participant in this undertaking. 

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