The Dunduri meadows barrow

This barrow is on the western side of the Dunduri meadows and was built on the parking lot of the former collective farm. From the second level of the tower, you will have an excellent view of the meadows all the way to the Džukste River and the Kauguri canal. There are livestock accustomed to life in the wild, although they will sometimes be quite distant. This is a bird-watching location from the springtime until the second half of the summer. Note: The viewing tower in the Great Ķemeri Bog and the viewing location at the Kaņieris castle hill are closed at the Ķemeri National Park. There are plans to open a new bird-watching tower on the Rieksti peninsula of Lake Kaņieris in October.

56.832233, 23.400906
  • Languages spoken: 
    • Latvian
Amenities and Features: 
  • Free parking
Last updated: 03.09.2014