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Dunika Marsh Trail

The longest marsh trail in Europe (6 km) laid out with planks in the nature reserve of "Dunika". A walk over the planks offers an open view of the lakes, with their own isolated world. After the construction of the plank trail is finalised, the end destination of the trail will lead to the Lukna hornbeam growth.

"A beautiful walk in the Dunika Marsh -  planks gleaming in the evening sun leading through the crooked Japanese-style pines to the marsh islands. While my guides from the Latvian Forests went ahead, I stopped half-way, lay on the planks warmed by the sun and listened to the silence of the marsh". Such was the impression of the Dunika Marsh trail written down by the Latvian poet Imants Ziedonis. Dunika Marsh planks stretch across the Tīrpurvs bog.

Crossing the planks one can see an atypical and slightly peculiar wetland landscape with waterpits and a hornbeam growth, which is the only pure-cultured growth in Latvia. Now the hornbeam growth is 132 years old and has reached the height of 25 metres. The hornbeam wood looks primeval and unusual, which makes it worth visiting.    

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