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Dunika Marsh Trail

A marsh path, laid out on planks, takes visitors through unique scenery – views of small lakes with island clusters, the Lukne hornbeam growth at the end. This is the 4.5 km long Dunika Marsh Trail.

Dunika Marsh Trail is located in the Dunika nature reserve. The nature reserve, with the 7,000 year-old Tirspurvs bog, is not your average tourist sight. Tirspurvs is a moss bog, also called a tall bog, which got its name thanks to its dome-like form. The dome-like sphagnum moss, which grow more rapidly in the center of the bog and accumulate more water than the territories on the edges of the marsh. Various protected plant species grow in the Dunika Marsh, and it is also a population resting area for migratory birds, as well as an area where wolves are known to raise their cubs.

Go on a leisurely walk 

  • View the small and peculiar-looking pine trees, which are actually several hundred years old
  • View the unique open landscape of the marsh, with pools of marsh water reflecting all colors of the rainbow
  • Take a minute to rest and enjoy the serenity of the area on one of the trail’s benches
  • Those who walk the whole length of the trail will be treated to a surprise – the Lukne hornbeam growth 11 hectares in area, which is currently the only hornbeam growth in Latvia and is over 150 years old
  • Listen and you might hear  a crane or a wild goose
  • Try to imagine that there is a layer of peat 7 meters thick under your feet
  • View the sword grass bunches and various  types of moss
  • Look into the sunset – such atmosphere and such colors can only be enjoyed at a marsh!
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