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Dzenisi willow

Dzenisi (Vaidava) willow grows in the floodplain meadow at the right bank of Vaidava river, beautifully standing out in the scenery. Its perimeter – 9.28 m. Bole of the willow in the height of 2.5 m divides into 4 boles, but they divide in 20 large branches. Researchers of secular trees argue about the age of the magnificent tree. There are versions that it could be from 100 up to 400 years old.

In May, 2002 willow was strengthened with steel cables.

From the D. Ozolinsh Ape Secondary school a walking trail starts that crosses Vaidava by the footbridge near cliffs of Ragana. Along the riverside, regaling your eyes with the plants of the meadow, passing "Upmaļu" houses you can reach Dzenisi willow that delights with its stoutness, leafage of the crown and remarkable patterns in the peel. Here you can leave your message to the tree.

Nearby one hundred years old farmstead "Dzenīši" attract with the varied usage of the construction materials – wood, rocks, dolomite…

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