Dzērbene Manor

Some of the estate buildings were encircled by a fieldstone wall with a gate, only the posts of which have survived till the present day. The period of prosperity on the Dzērbene estate is related to the family of Otto Weisman von Weissenstein who in 1771 received the manor as a gift from the Russian Empress Catherine II. In the late 19th century, a massive neo-gothic tower was added to the manor house.

The history of the manor is told in a number of exciting ghost stories. In 1832, the last offspring of the baronial family, Gottlieb von Weissenstein, arrived to the city of Cēsis to attend the nobility ball. Alexander Wulff of Rauna poked fun at Weissenstein for being and old bachelor, and his family in danger of dying out. Weissenstein got furious, challenged Wulff to a duel and was shot. On the way back home, the wounded man died. As duelling was banned those days, the dead body was secretly carried to his bedroom, and the pistol was placed by him.  The chamber-maid Maria was found guilty of the baron's death; she also turned out to have been his mistress.

When the seconds in the duel, smitten with remorse, told the truth, it was too late. Maria had succumbed to consumption and died. Maria's ghost was said to be seen now and then, roaming the house late at night. People say that the Dzērbene manor house is also haunted by the ghost of the Baron himself: at his wish he had been buried in the courtyard, only to be later reinterred in the family vault, where his spirit could find no peace.

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