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Dzukste Fairy Tale Museum

The museum is dedicated to Ansis Lerhis-Puskaitis and the fairy tales of Dzukste, and its objective is preservation of the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of the parish.

Ansis Lerhis-Puskaitis

The Dzukste Fairy Tale Museum was established in December 2001 in the former Lancenieki School building, where teacher, writer, and collector of fairy tales and legends Ansis Lerhis-Puskaitis (1859-1903) once lived (January 1883 to March 1903). Because of his extensive research, Lerhis-Puskaitis was also known as the Father of Latvian Fairy Tales.

Latvian legends and fairy tales

Ansis Lerhis-Puskaitis used legends and fairy tales in his work to help unleash children’s imagination and develop a system of Latvian values. Lerhis-Puskaitis collected some 6,000 fairy tales that were published in seven volumes under the title The Legends and Fairy Tales of the Latvian People (1891-1903).

At the Fairy Tale Museum

Visitors to the museum can hear various fairy tales from Dzukste and tell ones they like, watch – and participate in – a puppet show, see various exhibitions, and create their own individual fairy tale characters.

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