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Eastern Breakwater

The Eastern, or Mangaļsala breakwater (built in the period 1850-61) is located at the point where ships enter Riga.

Obviously this was a strategic defense position for cannons to ward off approaching enemies by sea. A memorial stone on the breakwater tells of Tsar Alexander’s visit here in the days Latvia was a province of Russia.

Mangaļsala breakwater is an attraction for its historic worth, and certainly for recreation and relaxation (fishing, kite-board, etc.) and - a splendid scenic view, especially at sundown. But be sure to bring a jacket!

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Directions: Local Riga bus #24  (from downtown) – Abrenes iela - Mangaļsala,
or mini-bus #224 - Centrs - Mangaļsala, or, by car or bicycle.

57.068111, 24.015419
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