Ecological health farm "Martaskalns"

Biological health farm "Martaskalns" offers excursions with the testing of the taste and aroma of the dried products in degustation. You can purchase ready-made products here - herbal teas, dried spices, fruits and vegetables. A bathhouse and tea house is available with the relaxation room on the second floor, as well as milk and tea bathes, honey or clay body procedures.

  • Products of the farm Martaskalns
  • Photo: Jēkabpils TIC archive
  • Farm Martaskalns
  • Photo: Jēkabpils TIC archive

Kristīne Rubina will introduce to the country house – biological health farm that deals with the growing, first treatment, desiccation and packaging of herbs, spices and vegetables. Lengths of the excursion approximately 1-2 hours. Different cosmetic procedures, bathhouse is available for the additional fee.

56.556572, 26.428127
  • Address: 
    Krustpils district, Atašiene parish, Martaskalns, LV-5211
  • Mobile: 
    +371 28709990
  • Languages spoken: 
    • Latvian
    • Russian
  • Slow food
Working Hours: 

Excursion should be arranged by phone.

Last updated: 01.09.2014