Educational Program "Wisdom of the Forest" and Animals' Homes

The Training Centre of the State Forest Service "Pakalnieši" in Madona district offers educational recreation programs in the forest and the opportunity to get acquainted with the animal world. The nature path "Animals’ homes" (1 km long) shows animals’ burrows and birds’ nests, an insect workshop and the chance to take part in role playing with fun disguises.

"Meža gudrības"
  • "Meža gudrības"
"Meža gudrības"
  • "Meža gudrības"
"Meža gudrības"
  • "Meža gudrības"
"Meža gudrības"
  • "Meža gudrības"

Kids are offered the Big Fish swing, tent sites, spending the night in a hollow. Mother Nature will teach about trees, to discern tones of colour and to compare patterns, to listen to various sounds of the forest, to study the wisdom of the forest and to discover the great secrets of the forest.

It is also possible to go horseback riding in the area, to get to know more about the life of rabbits and goats, to drink the healthy water from Bolēnu Spring, to walk over Gaiziņš Hill.

The Training Centre "Pakalnieši" is situated on the shores of the magic Viešūra (Kaķīša) Lake, 3 km distance from Gaiziņkalns and 4 km from LIDO mountain), it offers and educational recreation program "Events in the Forest of the Wolf Mountain".

The program offers young people and adults the opportunity to go together with Mother Nature and Father Forest on a scouting trip: to identify the inhabitants of the forest by their footprints; to crawl into a hollow and a burrow; to ride on the merry-go-round of tamed animals, and to "the forest workers’ porridge" at a campfire.

It can also be arranged in the evening. Everybody is warmly welcomed. The number of participants should not exceed 30. The duration of the event is 3 hours, arrange by phoning +37126141853.

56.894630, 25.949331
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Open daily from 9:00 till 17:00

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