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Embūte Nature Park

Initially Embūte Nature Park was founded in 1977 as a complex nature reserve of the Embūte hilly landscape in the area of 232 ha. It is located in the district of Liepāja, parish of Embūte. It’s a territory with peculiar hilly landscape scenery formed the glaciers – steep glens and areas of broad-leaved trees.

Embūte Nature Park is extraordinarily scenic territory in the mid-part of the Embūte hilly landscape that is formed for the protection of the landscapes of the surroundings of Embūte, biotope and species. There are both interesting nature and cultural touristic objects in the territory: hill fort of Embūte, manor house, castle and church ruins, place of the death of the Curonian chief Indulis, dam of the Devil, sightseeing tower etc. Apart from the existing objects also new infrastructure objects have been made.

Whorled Solomon’s-seal (Polygonatum verticillatum), Baltic wild orchid (Dactylorhiza baltica), Early Purple Orchid (Orchis mascula) etc. is among the species of the protected plants that can be found here.

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