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Ernst Gluck Bible museum

Ernst Gluck Bible museum is situated in one of the most beautiful towns in Vidzeme - Alūksne. The exhibition of the museum tells about the significant work of the German priest Ernst Gluck for Aluksne and Latvia. At the museum you can see exhibition about translator and the collection of Bibles.

What to see:

  • 220 Bibles;
  • 210 hymnals;
  • 170 editions of the New Testament;
  • 40 Books on Preaching;
  • 210 other Christian books in 35 other languages.

You can see many Bibles starting from the first one in Latvian, published in 1694 till modern digital Bible. You can purchase Bibles in Latvian and Russian, as well as other Christian books, postcards and various souvenirs.


Exactly in Alūksne, in the 17th century the German priest Ernst Gluck translated the Bible from its original languages into Latvian.

Up until the 20th century the Bible translated by E. Gluck was the biggest material ever printed in Latvia.

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