Eversmuiza Manor Cultural History and Nature Trail

The trail winds along the picturesque banks of the Ilza (Ludza) River. Through the old Eversmuiza Manor park, along the Catholic church and manor houses till Felicianova Manor and mill.

  • The horses of Eversmuiza Manor
  • The horses of Eversmuiza Manor

The manor is included in the list of 100 objects of European Cultural Heritage in Latvia. Previous owners: In the 17th century Eversmuiza was a property of the landlord family von Karnitsky. The King of Poland Sigmund III allocated the manor land to the Polish magnate Kaspar Karnitsky for military servides.
Around 1784 the manor went into the possession by countess von Borch, in the late 19th and early 20th century Eversmuiza Manor was run by general Richard von Mevess but from 1933 – by Carl Gustav Kruder.
Now the manor is used as a boarding-school by Cibla Secondary school.

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    • Russian
Last updated: 02.09.2014