Exhibition "Wooden object in Dviete flood-lands’ farmstead"

Arija Gruberte has set up an exhibition ”Wooden object in Dviete flood-lands' farmstead" on the Bird island in the Nature park “Dviete flood-lands”. The displays for the exhibition have been collected since 1984, but the exhibition itself is open since 2006.  The antique household objects in the barn have been saved from the ruinous, abandoned house in the territory of Dviete flood-lands.

The witnesses of centuries have been collected, washed and put under the reed roof of the ancient barn looking as beautiful as if they were used yesterday. The tools and household objects permeated by the blessing of ancestors can now transfer information to next generations.
The barn of the house “Attali” offers watching the works of a farmstead – threshing cereals and baking bread, spinning and weaving, linen braking and laundry washing, shoe making and rope pleating and many other things.
There is proof of the olden times on every corner. A special place in the centre of the exhibition has been set up for the archaeological findings gathered, when walking in “Dviete flood-lands” or working in the household garden. Here you can feel the vibes of centuries, as people have been living there for 11 millenaries….
Here you can see archaeological findings representing both the Stone Age, the Iron Age and medieval times. There is a collection of crockery fragments, flint and stone tools, old coins, jewellery fragments and pitstones.

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Last updated: 15.04.2013