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Farm "Apkalnmājas"

A guided tour to an artisan workshop of horse tack and leatherware. Viewing the workshop exposition, an opportunity to try one's hand at producing a crafts item, an opportunity to buy crafts items, a picnic site by a pond.

The farm started functioning back in the 1990s during the first crisis, now it has become the only facility producing horse tack for workhorses. A year ago at Apkalnmājas, with funding from an EU project for the diversification of rural environment, a new workshop has been built, the architectural style of which reminds of a traditional Latgale artisan homestead where beauty goes hand in hand with functionalism.

Apkalnmājas offers a rich assortment of leatherware: various harness items, collars for dogs and other domestic animals, delicate ladies' handbags, cell phone cases, belts.

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Guide service available
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Free parking
Access for disabled people

56.553165, 27.354343
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