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Farmstead "Jaunkalēji"

In the "Jaunkalēji" bakery the dough is kneaded in wooden bowls and mixed with leaven; bread loaves are made by hand, laid out on maple leafs and then put on a peel into a wood-burnt bread oven. For the most part there is brown rye bread and sweet-sour rye bread baked. No white bread though, as it requires yeast, whereas the farmstead bakery only operates with natural leaven.

"Jaunkalēji" bread is hand-made, thus the entire process is important. Large (regular?) bakeries  have to produce large quantities in a limited scope of time, whereas the owners of „Jaunkalēji” believe that bread is alive – sometimes the dough requires up to 24 hours to rise, and only then it is ready for kneading and baking. A no-hurry policy and individual approach are applied.  

Tourist offers:
- 1-hour tour of the „Jaunkalēji” farmstead; a baker’s account of bread-baking; bread degustation.

- 4-hour class of bread-baking: kneading the dough, burning the oven, making loaves, degustation. And of course, the self-made bread loaf is yours to take home! While the bread is baking you can visit  the neighbouring farmstead "Zīles" (specialises in sheep farming) or the birthplace of the acclaimed Latvian colonel O.Kalpaks.
- Bread available for purchase.

How to get there: 
56.804173, 26.64854
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Madona district, Ošupe parish, "Jaunkalēji", LV-4833
+371 29104869
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Price (adults): 
7.00 € €
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Admission Fee: 

Excursion with degustation for children and school students up to 5th grade - Ls 1.50
Bread-baking class (4 hours) with degustation - Ls 10.00 / per person.

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Guide service available
Slow food
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Access for disabled people
Free parking
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