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Forest Park "Pilskalnes Siguldina"

Nature reserve “Pilskalnes Siguldina” (59,3 ha) is located in an exuberant valley eroded by melting glaciers.The banks of the valley are rich in broad-leaved trees.

Dendrological and geographical route.Length 3,8 km.The trails forms a closed circle.Here you can see 28 dendrological, 10 geological and cultural objects.The tour takes 2-3 hours.The visitors will see mighty secular trees, oaks forming a bridge from branches, union of various species of trees.

Spriditis trail for children.Length 1.6 km.Begins at the small water reservoir.There are 32 wooden sculptures representing the characters of the tale "Spriditis" by Anna Brigadere.Trail “Vestures liecinieki” (The witnesses of history)Length 0.6 km.The extension of the dendrological route stretching along an untouched part of a primeval forest.The trail informs about the heritage left by World War I and the protective structures of German army – bunkers.

Marsh trail.A trail from wooden planks across a small cranberry marsh.An exciting opportunity to learn about the flora of a marsh and the insectivorous plant - sundew. Augszeme landscape trail.A wonderful opportunity for recreation.The 8 km long trail brings you along 6 lakes, springs, arranged resting and campfire places with an original flora and fauna.

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