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Fountain "A drop of honey"

In August 2008 a work by the sculptor Karlis Ile"- fountain "A drop of honey" was opened in the newly landscaped Ligo square of Saldus.A sculpture with water elements, excellently supplementing the slogan - Saldus...a drop of honey in Kurzeme, was made with the help of donations by the town council, local businesses and inhabitants.

The sculpture is made as two horizontal honeycombs joined by a huge drop of honey.The upper honeycombs symbolize the sky, the lower ones – the earth and the huge drop of honey drops from the honeycombs of the sky right into Kurzeme.As an additional element the fountain is decorated by subtle squirts of water, the number of which has been chosen according to the magic number 6 of a honeycomb - 6 squirts flowing upwards and 36 flowing downwards.

The sculpture is made from stainless steel and granite and is created by Karlis Ile.The technological construction was performed by a construction enterprise “Saldus buve”, the hydro technical parts of the fountain were designed by M.sc.ing. Gints Jaudzems – an engineer from „Akvedukts”.

Saldus district, Saldus, LV-3801
Admission Fee: 
56.664101, 22.492012
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