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Francis Trasun's Museum at "Kolnasāta"

The museum to Francis Trasuns (1864 – 1926), a notable figure during the national awakening in Latgale, a priest, statesman, writer, and journalist. The museum displays expositions dedicated to F.Trasūns and his fellow countryman, writer Jānis Klīdzējs (1914 – 2002), as well as themed exibitions.

The museum to Francis Trasuns (1864 – 1926), a notable Latgalian cultural and public figure, statesman, and priest was opened in 1992. The museum features expositions dedicated to F.Trasuns and writer J.Klīdzējs, and exhibition "Ancient household utensils". The museum collections hold materials about F.Trasuns, his family, contemporaries, fellow countrymen, the history of the parish. Celebrating the museum anniversaries in August, and marking those of prominent people from the area have become traditional.

When taking a walk in the museum territory, visitors can view the building currently being restored, a crucifix, a well, an old orchard, and a sauna.

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