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Gaiķi church

The Gaiķu Church was built in 1658. Its construction was organised by the local landlord Georgs fon Horners.

The Gaiķu church altar is characteristic of the workshop of sculptor Kristian Akerman of East Prussia, who arrived to Revel in the 1670s. The Gaiķu church altar is also believed to have been made there.

The Gaiķu church is especially distinguished for its original bench paintings. The style of the paintings is characteristic of late renaissance. The Biblical plot and images are not traditionally depicted in these paintings –Christian morality is expressed by means of various symbols.

  The author, probably Kurzeme painter Kornēlijs Bergholcs, used a collection of emblems compiled by Joachim Camerario and imprinted in the mid 16th and 17th centuries in Nurnberg.

Other valuable things are located here as well. The church has survived both world wars without considerable damages.

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Brocēni district, Gaiķi parish, Gaiķi, LV-3872
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