Gallery "Inta un Imants Ozoliņi"

The Exhibition Hall offers changing expositions of the artists’ paintings. This house was also a place where different recognised artists used to stay in summer, giving their works to the hosts.Two of these works have been retained up to now and can be seen.

Grafiķis Imants Ozoliņš
Oļega Skaraiņa - Lauva
Kristīne Klētniece - Mīlestības klusie vārdi
Skaidres buotnorites izstādes atklāšana
Izstāžu zāle
Izstāžu zāle
Arhitektūras piemineklis

One can see work premises of the artists on the first floor of the building, and the Exhibition Hall of Inta and Imants Ozoliņi is set out on the ground floor. When attending the exhibition, one can also see the works of graphic artist Imants Ozoliņš who received the 2007 Jurmala Art Award.

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