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Gārsene Castle and nature trails

Gārsene Castle is made in style of Neogotic architecture. There is museum where you can see exhibition about the first owners of the Castle - family of baron Budberg. In the territory are placed nature trails with more than 30 unique nature objects.

Nature trails

The culture and history trail leads to Gārsene Church, which contains a pipe organ, well preserved stained glass, and original wooden decorations of the interior. Other obejct is The family chapel of the barons. Trail extends to the park which has a variety of rare tree species.

If you choose The barons’ footpath you will see The Tea Hill – the baron family’s recreation spot, a pond, an alley of ash trees, a fireplace, a recreation spot for children, The Folk Song Stone and The great water elm – the third largest in Latvia.

Staburags Trail is a newcomer of the trail network and also allows to experince beautiful surroundings.


The castle was erected 150 years ago as a family property of Budberg barons, who had lived here since 1922. Already in the 19th century the Budbergs began to surround the newly built castle with a park comprised of many peculiar and stately trees, alleys, bridges, ponds and benches.

The legend has it that the castle is visited by the spirit of the prematurely deceased wife of baron von Budberg.

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