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Geidanmois is newly forming medieval Livonian manor, situated in the most charming spot on the Araisi lakeside near the Simtupe river source. The very name of our medieval manor includes both the family name of its master and that of a long forgotten appanage from at least 15th century - Geyden.

By the research work done, we have discovered that all the period of medieval Livonia, until even the Swedish revisions in the late 17th century, all the territory of nowadays Geidanmois was part of the Geyden district, which together with nine neighboring ones provided Livonian order’s castle in Cesis,
Geidanmois is formed and created by professionals in the field of historical reconstruction; the aim of the creation is to give life to the medieval history of Livonia, making it interesting and interactive.

In an experimental manner we create constructions, test and put in action medieval mechanisms and principles of movement.
Parallel to the new creations and everyday life in Geidanmois, we offer our guests to discover a new perspective on Livonian medieval history by involving everyone in special historical activities:

In summer season -

  • Basic training for spearmen – the sense of communal defence
  • Javelins throwing
  • Targeting with axes, knives and maces
  • Archery range
  • Basics of swordsmanship and demonstrations;
  • Battle run in full armour of the 14th century, attacking a real palisade
  • Medieval ball game
  • Games of dexterity and strength
  • Casting the pilgrims’ signs and all about the legends of them
  • Pottery in the most ancient and primitive way
  • Creating hunting tools in wood
  • Beauty of a woman in medieval Livonia – perfumes, cosmetics, hygiene in descriptions and practice
  • Be fashionable - women’s hairdo in medieval period
  • Demonstrations and practical know-how of medieval cookery

During the winter season as well:

  • skating with bone skates
  • snow carousel
  • Disc game – the ancestors hockey
  • Driving the horse sledges around the hills of Araisi lakeside

* on request

To our guests who are willing to feel the real charm of the ages, on request in advance we offer:

  • Tasting the most delicious medieval foods and drinks
  • Medieval dances accompanied by the best Livonian musicians

By each step we create something new. Every dawn brings us new plans. And every sunset brings new fulfilment.

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