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Great Boulder of Nīcgale

The Great Boulder of Nīcgale is the largest fieldstone boulder currently known in Latvia.

As legends have it, in the 18th and 19th centuries a table and chairs were installed on the boulder's flat surface. The lords of the manor of Kalupe, Līksna, Vārkava and other estates in the area used to gather at the boulder when hunting, to take"refreshment".  

V.Gavars, who was a forester at Nīcgale Forestry in the 1920s-30s, still remembers the local landowners' hunting habits back in the time when he, a young boy, took part in the hunt as a game driver.

Midsummer was also celebrated here, and older people remember that couples were even dancing on top of the boulder.

In 1938, the Nīcgale Forestry ranger A.Jotsons ordered a forestry employee Lauskis to carve three steps into the boulder.The visitors' feet still tread over those three steps.

The size of the boulder is as follows:

  • length 10.5 m
  • widths 10.4 m
  • height 3.50 m
  • circumference 31.1 m
  • volume 170 m3
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