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The Gūtmaņala (Goodman's Cave) grotto is the most popular and vast cave in Latvia. It was formed in the course of 10,000 years by water gradually eroding sandstone. The grotto is a protected geological site and the oldest tourist attraction in Latvia.

The level of water in the River Gauja once reached up to the very grotto; it was molded in an interaction between the Gauja and a spring which still flows out of the depth of the grotto. Not far from the grotto, the Gūtmaņala Visitor Centre offers information on the nature and heritage sites to see in the vicinity of Gūtmaņala and in the Gauja National Park.

The visitor centre and the walks in the nearest surroundings can also accommodate visitors in wheelchairs and families with babies in prams.

An insight into Latvian traditions and beliefs. An ancient wedding ritual will immerse you in the atmosphere of the olden days and enhance the solemnity of special wows. Arrangements by tel. 26542144.

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The grotto is located on the right from P8 road, between Turaida and Krimulda. Drive through the town of Sigulda, and take the bridge across the Gauja.

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