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Historical Centre of Dagda

The Dagda Parish treasures one of Latgale's lovely pearls – the historical centre of the town with its 20th century red brick buildings, the so-called 'Jewish merchant houses', the Dagda Roman Catholic Church, and the Dagda Pokrov St. Nicholas Old Believers' House of Prayer.

A favourite tourist route: the Dagda Roman Catholic Church – Hilzenu Manor park – Lubāna castle mound – Dagda castle mound – Rāzna National park – Dagda historical centre – the Asūne Roman Catholic Church.

According to historical records, the Dagda Roman Catholic Church, built in 1741, is the oldest building in the town of Dagda. Both the interior and the exterior of the church are worth seeing: it has three ornate stone altars, which are the greatest decoration of the church and make the building a noteworthy attraction.

The park of the Hilzenu Manor remains as a part of the former Dagda Manor and its estate. The park spreads around a castle mound which houses an open air stage where you can visit a number of events. Through the park runs the river Gusčica, and the caves on its banks guard entrances to underground passages. 

The Lubāna Castle Mound is a state protected cultural monument. The castle mound overlooks a magnificent landscape around Dagda. Up here, you can make a bonfire and have a good time.

The Dagda Castle Mound is an excellent place for taking a leisurely stroll. Besides, the castle mound is a state protected monument of archeology. The hill is some 20 m. high.

The Dagda District is home to the Rāzna National Park hosting excellent walks, especially in the Pilori oak grove, a tourists' favourite.

The centre of Dagda has kept its historic build-up, attracting the interest both of historians and visitors.

Asūne is notable for the first book ever produced in the Latgalian language; the book was written in an old Catholic church, the location of which is now marked by a memorial stone. In Dagda, you can have a meal in one of the two cafes – "Papardes zieds" (Fern Flower) or "Kornerstone".

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