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History and Art Museum of Ogre

Two interesting key exhibitions may be visited at the Ogre Museum of History and Art – „Legendary Ogre,”  focused on the memorable events in the city’s hitory, and „Ogre – the bathing and fresh air spa,” which reflects one of the most legendary periods of development of the city of Ogre. It was a time when the city became a favorite of many as a recreational spa famous throughout Latvia.

The exhibition „Legendary Ogre” provides information which many visitors may not be aware of. Catherine I, later the Empress of Russia, was born on the banks of the River Ogre within the old Riga region. It may be that the origins of the name of Ogre can be traced to Catherine’s love of eels which so richly populated the river in those days.
The gigantic textile manufacturing industry, and the city’s free thinking and rebellious spirit may be counted among the legends of its history, providing a receptive environment for the unforgettable concerts of Imants Kalnins and the rock group „Perkons.

The exhibition „Ogre – the bathing and fresh air spa” describes the picturesque recreational spots, hotels, bed and breakfasts, beauty and health care establishments, restaruants and cafes, and the summer homes of a number of celebrities.

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